Briefing: Renew the brand identity and existing collection of Spanish upholstery brand...

19th sep

Kessalao Germany

Briefing: Design a brand for a take away service of Mediterranean food...

18th jun

Doctor Manzana

Briefing: Redesign the brand of Doctor Manzana, a technical support for smartphones...

11th dic

Ethno Chic + DIY Installation

Briefing: Design a space based on actual trends popular for a massive...

11th dic

2Day Languages


15th jul
masquespacio_2day_languages_cualiti (14)

Kids Shoe Brands Exhibition FIMI

Briefing: Create an exhibition for the International Fair of Kids Fashion (FIMI)...

03rd feb

Zapata & Herrera

Briefing: Design an interior that represents the essential values of the lawyer’s...

28th sep


Briefing: Create a space full of joy for kids and adults. A...

10th may

Elena Hannover

Briefing: Elena Hannover is a conceptual store that offers clothes and accessories...

04th mar

Vintage and Cofee

Briefing: Create a corporative space, stylish and enjoyable for intelligent persons. The...

17th ene

Lexington Avenue

Briefing: Create a vanguardian model agency inspired by New York’s famous Lexington...

10th oct

Concurso Pago

Briefing: Create a design with Pago bottles giving major importance to recycling,...

01st oct

Vivienda CAC Valencia

Briefing: Design the interior of a 125 m2 apartment for a young...

06th ago