Valencia, Spain

Déjà-Vu Houtique


 Photography by Luis Beltran

The Déjà Vu stool designed for Houtique follows the colourful and fringed concept from the brand, inspired by the overwhelming and mysterious sensations produced by déjà vu.

“I never trusted those stories full of mystery that some people love to tell. They say that, in some specific moments, they realise they have already dreamed/lived/experienced that thing/moment/idea, but they have not, it is a brand new moment but it feels just like a repetition. I always thought it is poetical and beautiful to hear those stories but, of course, it could not be true. Oh, how naïve I was, look at me now… Here I am, the result of an overwhelming déjà vu, the result of a strange dream, a dream that has come true.”

Interior design

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Houtique Maison et Objet 2019