Elena Hannover

Interior Design

Briefing: Elena Hannover is a conceptual store that offers clothes and accessories for women of media/high level. Their audience is modern, trendsetter, between 25 and 40 years old.

Solution: A space with a warm atmosphere and female touch was created. A female touch is achieved thanks to noble materials like wood, the green color and a vintage feeling added by the floor tiles. The forms used for the ceiling and shelves of wood are inspired by the feminine forms, while they create a movement sensation that represent the ‘try and buy’ clothes activity. From the central chill out area the client can enjoy the clothes on sale, like an exposition. The elegance is settled in this space, adapting themself to the tastes of the clients in a warm way, with vintage touches and above all with as much style as the one from their feminine clients.

Interior design

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Elena Hannover