Valencia, Spain



 Photography by Luis Beltran

The design is based on the brand’s name “LLuerna” (Lightning bug in Valencian) as chosen by the company’s founders with the aim to enlighten the final aim of their services to make shine the inner light of each person through therapy. That way light has been the central topic of the brand image, combined with textures and colors that make reference to nature as earth, light and water. The logotype as a consequence maps out light through a set of dies that enlighten the before mentioned natural elements. Above the project seeks to work with soft forms and colors to transmit the confidence needed for this kind of enterprise.

In conclusion, the brand image from LLuerna transmits the essence of the infantile education and therapy company that in words of their founders wants “to get out the inner light of each person” and make them grow. A fact that has be reflected in every moment by the overall design.