Valencia, Spain

Masquespacio Branding



 Photography by Luis Beltran

The design from Masquespacio’s new brand was realized during the year 2015 to celebrate our fifth anniversary. The redesign of the design studio’s brand image is set up on one hand by its logotype and on the other by its icon ‘Mas’, better known as ‘More’ in English. The letter ‘S’ in this case divides each of the graphic applications in two different parts; a division that symbolizes the added value offered by the creative consul-tancy in each of its projects. Regarding to the colour election of the brand, it allows to play continuously with the various brand’s colours and choose the most “trendy” colour for each moment and project. This fact shows clearly the versatile nature from Masquespacio as a multidiscipli-nary design studio that works both on commercial as well as exclusive projects, adapting easily to the clients’ needs, without forgetting to seek for an innovation in each project.

Above the redesign shows how it is to work at Masquespacio, as well as the experience the client lives when hiring the creative consultancy’s services.

Interior design

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Masquespacio Interior Design


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