Missana The Novelties


 Photography by Luis Beltran

The concept for Missana’s The Novelties catalogue is based on the different needs encountered at the upholstery brand. Being the strategy clearly based on the most trendy colors and materials, above the aim to launch products habitually, a concept should be developed that allowed us to add new products without the needs to impress a new catalogue every time a product was launched. Thereby the product sheets were created individually maintaining the general aesthetic line of the brands’ collection and with the aim to be replaced easily to present new trend colors. On the other hand through the concept a dynamic game was created that allows to interact with the client during the presentation, composing the catalogue with the most optimum selection for each client. The catalogue this way allows to use the product sheets individually as a brochure or as a complete catalogue.

Interior design

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Missana The Novelties


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