Valencia, Spain

Missana The Twenties


 Photography by Cualiti

In this first phase of the brand’s redesign and due to the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Missana, the existing collection was reinterpreted in order to position the brand through its own identity on the market of upholstery for sofas and armchairs. Taking in count the 20 years of existence of the Spanish brand and its popularity on the French market, the collection called ‘The Twenties’, is inspired mainly by the crazy twenties in Paris, while another part seeks to reach a more actual market through trendy colors and materials; Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio: “Through new colors and textures we wanted to reposition Missana as an upholstery brand that creates emotions and seeks to be part of the people’s lifestyle.” That way the actual client is offered a series of new possibilities but also an opportunity for new clients looking for emotional products with which they feel identified. A new catalogue and website designed by Masquespacio where designed with the twenties feeling of Paris to represent 20 years of passion for upholstery.


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