Valencia, Spain

Onok Lighting – Catalogue 2016


 Photography by Luis Beltran

The design of Onok Lighting’s catalogue was based firstly on the re-branding realized last year and at the same time on the general aesthetic seeking for an emotional touch, used by Masquespacio for the lighting brand’s latest campaigns. Thereby the catalogue is divided into two parts; The first part could be described as the presentation of the com-pany’s values, as well as their new products. This was done by a dy-namic appearance that through inserts invites the reader to discover details from the company and its newest products.

The second part contains Onok Lighting’s complete product library. Here the aim was to give major importance to the easiness in showcas-ing the technical features of each product. On the spotlight are the dif-ferent sizes used for the project examples of each lamp and the catego-ry presentations with real and 3D images.

Just like that the new 340 pages Onok Lighting catalogue blends com-mercial and technical elements with emotional aspects that represent clearly both actual facets from the Spanish brand specialized in technical lighting.