Berlin, Germany

The Student Hotel Berlin

Interior Design

3000 m2


 Photography by Gregory Abbate

The design starts with the analysis of the characteristic identity from The Student Hotel that has been highlighted for its vanguardian designs. Starting from that identity the design seeks to respect some of the recognizable existing elements typical for Berlin’s interior buildings made of concrete and mostly with visible installations, recreating the underground mood from the German capital. On the other hand the aim of the project was to integrate some warmer touches in this rough interior architecture, creating a sensation of comfort like if you where at home. Another point to be highlighted is the layout of the space which in every moment seeks to connect all the different spaces through one open common area.

When entering the new The Student Hotel in Berlin a graphic of different colors will immediately guide you towards the reception and specifically to the interior courtyard. An interesting detail here is the railing from the ramp that has been used as benches, converting this way a normally boring space with 2 elements in an attractive entrance that immediately takes the hotel visitors on a journey. In front of the entrance we can find the well-known yellow The Student Hotel Check-Point’s which work as a digital check-in point, surrounded by the brands’ merchandising.

On the left side from the reception we enter the common areas, protagonized by the bar that is highlighted by its blue tone, while in front of it you can find different seating experiences from a lounge zone with sofas till a bench zone perfect for workers and last but not least 2 round tables with neon lights that at the same time will be used by the djs at The Student Hotels’ events.

Above to be recognized here is the ‘Bed Talks’ bed, an area to watch talks that also is part of The Student Hotel’s concept in their different hotels.

Next to the bar we find the hotel’s restaurant that also mixes different types of seating designed for the project from the blue benches made of round tubes that create a continuity with the bar till the colored neon lights that remind us of Berlin’s night clubs.

Getting back to the reception on the right side we can find de gaming area that amongst others contains a pixel wall, like a Tetris, made of bricks with a neon light signage that shows the word ‘Play’.

Last but not least, we have a big interior courtyard of 1500 m2 for which a running track was created and a versatile square with different games and seating areas. The graphic created for the floor from the running track continues on the façade from one of the buildings, creating a visual attraction point for the hotel.

Interior design

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