Barcelona, Spain

The Student Hotel Poble Sec

Interior Design

2486 m2

 Photography by Luis Beltran

After presenting the design from the first Campus in the district of Marina, The Student Hotel now also showcases the design from the second Campus in Barcelona’s Poble Sec district. The Campus that is housed in a 2500 m2 building from the centric avenue ‘Avenida Paralelo’ contains 97 rooms, above shared kitchens exclusively for students. To be highlighted in first case is the wide façade that offers views to the common areas from the student residencies. Thereby from the avenue you can recognize the wide range of services offered by the Campus with a lounge that includes gaming and video zones, a gym and a studyroom with the typical The Student Hotel style that combines bold colors with industrial materials.

The item to highlight from the design although is the reception that sets up a yellow module that reinvents a beach bar almost in a sculptural way. The motivating quotes about life like “Enjoy Live & Share” and “Everybody should like everybody” are clearly inspired by the millennial lifestyle from the Campus residents.

Finally, the graphical patterns are omnipresent, while you also can recognize a bit of the Memphis style and the Mediterranean freshness.

Interior design

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