Barcelona, Spain
400 m2

The project that had the aim to design the car brand’s first club in Barcelona starts from Lynk & Co’s philosophy to not pretend to be a conventional brand, but offers itself as an option for the new generations in search of a sustainable lifestyle full of experiences that get away from the standard.

 Hereby the club was designed like if it were a world of utopias, connecting different spaces with the Barcelona known for its creativity and distinguished all around the world for being a hub of artistic disciplines. like art, design and music. 

The brutalist interior architecture full of imperfections was maintained, creating the perfect connection point with the style applied in other Lynk & Co clubs.

Each zone is inspired by a theme related to creativity like architecture, movies and music amongst others. 

At the entrance you can see a gigantic castle with a reflecting green color that contains the fitting rooms with a distorted effect that shows clearly that in the new Lynk & Co in Barcelona, nothing is traditional. 

The car from its sides is situated in a whale form made of 3D, while in the bathrooms you find a show of lights and sounds that will remind you to your favorite childhood movie. 

You will aso find exposition zones with sustainable objects Lynk & Co selected, together with unexpected areas for co-working like the swimming pool that is behind an old safe door that was in the space before.

In summary, the new Lynk & Co in Barcelona is a versatile place, able to adapt to any event, with a colorful and at the same time sophisticated design, full of utopias to be discovered. 




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