Barcelona, Spain
120 m2

The aim of the project was to design the space identity of the future Mango Teen shops, including the first shop in collaboration with Mango. The space was thus hereby developed following a previous study of the 11 – 13 years old customer target.  

The design is established as a world of dreams with its different perspectives and different incoherent elements just like when we are dreaming. Although in this place, the dreams are made reality through the design elements that play with your mind and invite the user to interact with the objects that surround them, bringing the metaverse world to reality.  

A swimming pool, a hotel reception and a washing machine are some of the incoherent elements that invite the teens to enter a universe in which a new use is given to the objects, giving them the opportunity to let their imagination flow and use the space how they dream about it. 

Standard exposition elements like the shelves and racks, where reinvented through the forms and color choice.

Color is applied in a matt finish and also a fluor reflecting color, creating an unusual combination that connects with the futuristic digital world.  

Last, but not least, the fitting rooms incorporate a metaverse world, with an optical effect that distorts reality, giving an answer to one of the most requested shop features by the teens and at the same time making clear that the new Mango Teen store is designed to make them live an unforgettable shopping, full of experiences adapted to their lifestyle. 


Elle Decor Italia




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